The Great Monster Seal, a powerful barrier once placed by the great General Importance long, long ago, has been broken. Terror has been unleashed all over Kingdomland, and no one wants to do anything about it. Banditos pillage towns. Shroombas run wild. Gorgonauts roam the forests. Candles burn inside the haunted Castlemania mansion. The fabled dragon Scaldybutt has kidnapped Princess Prettypants! And yet despite these terrors, all the townsfolk have done is build walls to protect them, preferring to hide in their huts than fight the monsters. The land is in chaos. Apathy reigns.

With nothing to defend the world but walls and a few ugly weapons, one really stupid man named Grudge will call back on the days of old and become a self-proclaimed knight: a loyal solider in the king's army ... and the only soldier for that matter. With the help of the King's trusted blacksmith Brick, Grudge the 'Retro Knight' has sworn to uncover the lost Relics of General Importance: the only items which can defeat Scaldybutt, the monsters that roam the countryslide, and replace the Great Monster Seal, locking the monsters back in their realm. He's dumb, hungry, not good with a sword ... but sadly, he is Kingdomland's only hope.

User hollywood found a Book of Hammers! Cool! gained 4 Gnit. Neato.
User hollywood spent 935 Gnit.
User found a Rubber Duckie! Quack! They gained 1 Gnit. Neato.
User hollywood gained 79 Gnit! Not bad!
User hollywood found a Book of Hammers! Cool! gained 21 Gnit. Neato.
User hollywood gained 1 Gnit. Neato.

Mushroom Plains Level 1

Retro Knight: The Relics of General Importance is a mash-up of all kinds of video game genres. It is an action game, adventure game, arcade game, role-playing game, sandbox game, and even a few hints of stradegy. It is a homage to the great games of the 1980s: Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Joust, Mega Man, Pac Man, Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and more. You will collect hundreds of different items and weapons, powerups and armor, and lets not forget all the food on the menu! You will collect Rubber Duckies. You will fish in lakes and streams. You will smash hordes of monsters with swords, axes, hammers, and maybe find a few laser guns. Heavily voice-acted, always hilarious, full of great parodies and suprises, Retro Knight will soon become your favorite RPG! (It doesn't hurt that it's free, either.)