Older updates from the log book.
3/17/19 - Happy Clover Days! V4.0 to drop April 1st! No joke! A very cool upgrade will drop on April 1st that has a TON of neat, new features. However, before I get on with those, Megamore Mines and Level 4 Upgrade will NOT be available yet. This update is to roll out all the new features ASAP while I keep developing new areas. So, what are the new features?

1) You can open your own store and sell to other players. A house is required to SELL, but not BUY. Visit new Interweb Cafes to shop at online stores.

2) You can visit a salon and change your apperance, and even take your helmet off to show off your new hairstyle!

3) New Mine-Cart Rides Mini Game! This is a free add, but requires Tokens to play. Check it out near the south entrance to the Lost Mines.

4) SCP Coin Connect now lets you trade SCP Coins earned in other games for Gnit! Download SCP Arcade and play Retro Knight: The Bridge of Snackslyvania (and 14 other awesome games)!

Plus there's a ton of smaller updates like the new Horde Meter to track Hordes (and bonuses if you clear them), new Delivery Orders, new monsters, a few new items like the Book of Bubbles and Book of Magnets, and just really a lot of great updates that had to be released. Check them all out on April 1st!
1/27/19 - Annnnnd now there is a v3.4. Few bug fixes and new D-Pad options in the Options menu. That's all. Nothing too fancy.
2/1/18 - Heart Days are here! For the next two weeks, find as many Heart Flowers as you can around Kingdomland! You might even find the rare Pink Potion, which is extra special! Check out all the cool Heart Decorations around the towns, and talk to people to see what they think about this lovely holiday!
1/27/19 - Annnnnd now there is a v3.4. Few bug fixes and new D-Pad options in the Options menu. That's all. Nothing too fancy.
1/19/19 - Retro Knight v3.3 will be out soon. This wasn't necessarily the update I had in mind, but it'll do. This update was needed to improve performance on iPads, and boy did it. Even if the game was mostly working okay for you, you might notice it running even better. If you never noticed and issue, you still won't. The file size of the game has become dramatically smaller, but at the trade off that you'll have slightly longer load times when you enter a new area. Also because I don't want to do another update for a while, I tossed in the Cooking update in this one. Thirty (30!) new foods have also been added, but you have to cook them. The Cooking Guide has also been added to this site. Mobile Guide still under construction.
1/5/19 - Retro Knight v3.5 is coming in March already! Wow! This will be a slightly more "inward facing" update as I will expand on the areas that already exist on the map. There will be new Quests, new areas to unlock which are currently vacant, and I'll be taking the time to polish up a few areas that need some love. However, this update is not going to be without expansion and new features. For all those who own a HOUSE in the game, you will be able to use a new Kitchen option to try and cook up new foods and potions. It is highly likely that NONE of the things you can cook in your kitchen will be found for sale elsewhere. Maybe one more two will be if I really like them, but most are only made here. This means that there will be about 30-40 new foods added to the inventory. Also, I hope to add a new mini-game you will have to unlock as well: a Hang Glider game over on Skeleton Ridge. It will be like the River Ride game as you will also be able to travel as you play. You'll have to pay the Builder Bros to make you a Gondala to get up the mountain, but then you can leap off and sail to one of three places on the map. Phew. That's a long post.
1/3/19 - v3.2 has a nice update! Retro Knight 3.2 was mostly about fixing some bugs, but then I added the ability to sell more items in stores. This update will lay the groundwork for making it easier to clear out your inventory, and even sell weapons! The system is plugged in, but it will take some time to update each and every store to want to buy more items from you. There are over 100 stores!
12/20/18 - Screw it. v3.0 is dropping now! Retro Knight 3.0 is now available for all platforms. I am having issues with the Google Play store as the app has grown beyond their 100MB threshold and they are being lame about it. If you have the Android version, you can download the .apk file directly from me, so for a limited time, its free for new users. Lucky you!
12/19/18 - Version 3.0 on Schedule! Actually sort of ahead! Retro Knight 3.0 will drop on/around the 1st of January! Happy New Year indeed! I have crammed in a few other features and updates, and have officially completed designing Balloon Bird Bluffs. The only thing that is really left for me to create are levels, stores, and civilians, which are actually not done within the game itself. Therefore, I can submit the update to the appropriate places and get it approved while still working on the final areas. There are still some places on Sacred Island to finish off, and I will be also updating things beyond the big release such as stores, fishing holes, can some map-related updates. Then I can move on to version 4.0, which I'm going to currently slate for May 2019.
12/6/18 - New (small) area! Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the map of Kingdomland. I'll admit, it doesn't really offer the fun of "Freeroaming" like I always dreamed of. That's my bad. However, I am opening a new area near Poison Pines which will connect that area to the plains north of the Lava Mines. It will be much faster than going through Skeleton Ridge, but 25 Badges are still required to use it. While the bridge going across the river is Springboard Bridge, this area is actually called Ponch's Pass.
12/5/18 - Forging Ahead with even more new stuff! Mobile Guide and The Nostaglia Queen! There is some light at the end of this production tunnel as my list of updates left to program gets smaller and smaller. A few new things made it in and here they are! First off is the Nostaligia Queen who will now appear on the map! However, she is VERY RARE and hard to find. May only appear four or five times a month. Why? Because she has the rarest of rare armors for sale, seven of which are totally new! I won't tell you all seven (if you really want to know, they'll be on in the Armor Guide soon enough), but they are themed after some nostalgic things (at least for me). There's the Buster Suit, the Turtle Suit, and the Storm Suit to name a few. The second update is the Mobile Guide. I am working on making a mobile site of all the guides, and hopefully adding a few new ones. This link will NOT be available on this site (as of now). You can find the link when you visit a town's library. Right now in v2.4, only Kingdomtown has a library, but soon every town will have one. Sure, you can bookmark the guide on your phone if you want. I'm not against that. Go for it.

11/28/18 - Retro Knight 3.0: The Ad!

11/18/18 - Retro Knight: Arcade Mode to be added in v3.0! Because I can't stop adding new things to the next version... here's another! Arcade Mode will now be added to the main menu. You do not have to log in to play it. In fact, you can't log in. Arcade Mode will give you access to many of the Questermasters' quests to play both offline and online. You will be able to get on the top scores, if you are good enough. Arcade Mode will not let you keep the items you find (hence, not being able to log in and such), but you will be rewarded with Gnit. Gnit will be added to your device and can be claimed when you actually log into the game. This feature will get upgrades as time goes on and new levels are made.
11/15/18 - Retro Knight now has 100 Foods! There's some bragging rights! The new verison will feature tons of new foods, some of which are so rare that you'll only be able to find them in the wild! Level 3 players can enjoy some new treats out on the ocean as well. I will be trying to make a few tweeks so I can open up space to create 100 more later!
11/14/18 - Grudge is now on Facebook! Follow Retro Knight for tips, teases, bonus videos, links to free items, and words of wisdom from Grudge himself! www.facebook.com/retroknightgame

10/29/18 - LEVEL 3 UPDATE FINALIZED. IN DEVELOPMENT NOW! Orders remastered. 100-Coin Challenges added! Online Guide updated and expanded! Lots of new stuff planned and v3.0 has been plotted, most importantly: The King's Yacht. When you upgrade to Level 3 (availability date TBD), you will be able to sale on the open seas and visit new towns and new islands. There will NOT be any orders out on the open seas because King Kerupt doesn't care about what goes on out there, but that doesn't mean you can't find awesome new stuff and bring back for your standard adventures. Expect Pirate and Sailor themed gear, new enemies, new foods, and way more than I'm prepared to make (but I'll get there). I will try to have this update done before the end of 2018, but there is a lot to do!
10/18/18 - New Level 2 Orders are coming! Top Scores to be reset! I've been working on a few other projects, revamping old games, and getting ready to start a new one too, but I wanted to take some time to get back to RK and update it with some new quests, including the new 100-Coin quests which are actually in the current version of the game (but not active). My goal is to knock out a few new ones and revisit the Orders queue (which is actually not part of the game, so I can updated it any time)! I will also be resetting the Top Scores (not the scores for the individual levels) so that new players can get on board and old, defunct accounts can be unloaded. If you are an old, defunct player, but want your info back on top, just log in and save the game, your name will be re-added. Version 3.0 is getting back on my radar! Stay tunned!
Retro Knight was released June 6, 2018. Log book was not started until 10/18/18.