Here are some new features coming soon for Retro Knight v2.0!
These features WILL REQUIRE an App update. Due in September 2018.

Bug Fixes/Minor Enhancements!
  • Will remove/simplify Gemologist animation.
  • All stores will get their merchendise refreshed. New items! New things they want to buy!
Farming! *Major Upgrade*
If you own a house, you will be able to farm! You can grow up to 25 things at a time, just be sure to water them every day, or else!
New Weapons!
  • Boomerangs
  • Whips

Level 2 Upgrade! *Major Upgrade*
You will soon be able to upgrade to a Level 2 Knight! Which means ...
The Twilight Forest! *Major Upgrade*
On par with The Mushroom Plains, Twilight Forest is a huge area full of monsters and treasures, and maybe a Relic of General Importance! This 'Legend of Zelda' area will feature familiar monsters, a scary forest, an underground palace, some friendly cave dwellers, and more stuff I'm not going to tell you about.
Pets! *Major Upgrade*
What? No way! Yes way. I am working on a way where you can get pets at your house! You must own some land to get a pet, and you can get as many as you want! Current ideas are dogs, cats, goats, bunnies, pandas, and penguins. Your pets can take care of themselves, but if you bring them treats (meat or sticks for dogs, Lucky String of fish for cats, etc.), you might get some prizes! I am also trying to see if it will be possible to take a pet with you on adventures. TBD.
New Hidden Areas!
Did you know there are Hidden Areas on the map? There are five right now, and I will be adding five more!
New Playable Characters!
This round of additions will feature a ton of minor characters from Retro Knight: The Secretary, Angela Pimlot, Mr. Dumpy, and Larry The Questmaster. I hope to add a fifth, but I need permission first from a pal.
New Orders! *Major Upgrade*
Soon there will be new orders from King Kerupt, including new Portals to dive into and a few Scooter-specific fun zones. Who knows where you wil end up. This will hopefully also lead to new 'Mazes' as well which are currently blocked off by a bunch of rocks. See the info above to learn that I can alter any map at any time to open those spots up! I'll list any updates here so you know what is available.
New Areas! *Major Upgrade*
Almost every single area in Retro Knight can be updated on the fly, which includes adding new areas! Three areas are of great interest to me: Twilight Forest, Forest of Fear, (one spoiler), and the Lava Mines. Hopefully I can add some areas for everyone soon!

Of course there will be a version 3.0, silly.
I'm not sure what it will have yet, but here are some thoughts.

Bug Fixes!
Again? Geez. We'll see. Hopefully not.
Level 3 Upgrade! *Major Upgrade*
You will soon be able to upgrade to a Level 3 Knight! Which means ...
Balloon Bird Bluffs! *Major Upgrade*
Another huge area will be opened up, this one a parody of 1/2 Balloon Fight and 1/2 Joust. Details to follow.
New Tool: Shovel!
This new item will let you dig for treaures!
P2P Trading/Shopping!
I'd like to set up a way where players can buy and sell items form each other. TBD.