RETRO KNIGHT 5.0 (July 2019)
Version 5.0 will drop in 2019. Here's what I got brewing.

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Even make suggestions! I listen to the player and add what I can!

- Level 4 Upgrade now available!
- The Forest Of Fear is now accessible! (Level 3)
- Megamore Mines is now accessible! (Level 4)
- The Lava Caves are now accessible! (Level 4)
- Level 5 Upgrade now available!
- Boom Boom Desert is now accessible! (Level 5)
- Dirt Ball City is now accessible! (Level 5)
- Two New Relics can be found!
- Yard Editor Overhaul! Everything is now free!
- You can now leave items in your yard (as storage)! Don't make a mess because ...
- Landmaster Kiosks allow you to visit other yards and check them out!
- You can now organize/build the interior of your house(s)!
- Gardening is now simpler/easier!
- New Home Improvement and Decor Stores now appearing in towns! Lots of new items for sale!
- A lot of new enemy types!
- New Task List!
- New Traveling Shops: Seed Baron, Weapon Wizard, and The Great Gemologist!
- 10 New Gemstones!
- 10 New Fish Types!
- New Delivery Orders!
- New Capture The Flag Orders!
*Large Task. Will take a while.
*Done and ready!
*Simple Task. Will get to it soon.
*Not sure if this is included this time around.