Here are some new features coming soon For Retro Knight v1.2! Due in July 2018.
Bug Fixes / Game Improvements!
What update isn't without bug fixes? I don't know what they are yet, but if any pop up, I'll take are of them. Might as well plan for them, hu?

Bugs found:
  • A mysterious error with the Book of Leaves. Seems to be a 'broken' book you might find occasionally. Still works 99% of the time. *Already Fixed! Live Now!*
  • Need to re-verify toggles on Settings menu. *Fixed!*
  • When blind, pausing the game causes the ability to see for a moment. *Fixed!*
  • Zombies sometimes turn into Goos when launched into the air. *Fixed!*
  • Torches on walls now no longer will be seen in the rain (but yours still works, weird). *Fixed!*
  • End Score visual adjustments. *Fixed!*
  • Error with Orange Blocks. *Fixed!*
  • Purple Gems were not helping you combat Poison faster. Now they are. *Fixed!*
  • Errors with the Course Quests not replacing you in the game when completed have hopefully been dealt with. *Fixed!*
  • Errors with the Top Scores showing 'undefined' should be fixed now. *Already Fixed! Live Now!*
Minor Improvements to be made:
  • Need mine-cart SFX.
  • New Detailed Stats menu. Pause, and tap your stats for a few more details! *Ready For Update!*
  • Badges are now purple. So what. Also ending screens for Kings Orders and Mini Quests are now Purple and Green instead of Gold and Purple. Makes more sense to me. *Ready For Update!*
  • "Shake" added to the graphic when you try to enter an area but you don't have enough badges. *Ready For Update!*
  • As originally planned... now all Map Zones only appear once you get near them, making it a little harder to find secret spots. Sorry. It was always supposed to be that way. Gotta search! *Ready For Update!*
  • Challenge format to be 'replaced'. I had a system that was more random and less of a 'playlist'. The Random system seems to not be working right, so I have reverted back to the Playlist style for the time being. Users won't really notice the difference, but from a programming standpoint, the Random is much better and easier to add to. *Ready For Update!*
  • Blue Mushrooms now cause you to be automatically charged to a Level 1 Retro Attack. You can go higher if you want. I'll add them to more places. *Ready For Update!*
  • Immunity Popups now appear to tell you what you are immune to! They appear next to the Health Meter.
  • Ice Sword now shoots Ice Cubes instead of Snow Balls. Ice Cubes will FREEZE enemies, and you can now shatter them in one hit. Ice Cubes take more Retro Points, though.
Third Tier Orders! *Major Upgrade* *Ready For Update!*
You might have noticed that when you complete your Daily Orders, you are given the option to seek out a Treasure Portal. That's fun. Well ... now there will be a set of orders after THAT! What do you think of that? You still won't be able to get any more badges, but you can get lots more treasure. I can tell you right now that this third tier is NOT what you think. UPDATE: You will earn a 2nd Daily Badge for completing this set of orders! Neat!
Play as Boozer The Clown! *Ready For Update!*
Visit the Hobo Camp and see if Boozer The Clown will join you on your adventures! Voice acted by Gabe Wilson! Check out the real Boozer The Clown at
Play as Two Other Characters! *One Ready For Update!*
The Playable Characters Roster will get a quick boost as two more playable characters willbe added for v1.2, making a total of five: Boozer The Clown, Angus McGreggor, Johnny Thunderpants ... and these two.
The Balloon Baffoon! *Major Upgrade*
You can already see him on the map, and now The Balloon Baffoon will be ready to fly you to distant places far from Kingdomland. This is a chance to unlock new areas and explore for even more treasures. Think of it as DLC, but you're not really downloading it. You can save all "Tickets" you buy and travel to these new places any time you want (as long as you can find The Balloon Baffoon). Rumor is that he will also take you to far away places still in Kingdomland, but that is just a rumor. NOTE: As of v1.2, there will only be two extra maps to buy. I am hoping to make it so that I can add new maps without having to update the App to a new version.
Konky Dong Dam! *Major Upgrade* *Ready To Go!*
You might be wondering why some of those Blue Spots on the map are empty. Well, The Builder Brigade has their eyes on those spots and are looking to build some cool stuff. Funding is lacking, so they might need some Gnit from you in order to make these Kingdomland upgrades. The first will be up near Konky Dong Dam, and their construction may unlock a few surprises (it totally will).
New Fish! *Ready To Go!*
Five new fish will be added to select ponds. Yes, I have total control over which fish are in which areas.
New Power Ups! *Ready To Go*
The Book of Barrels has been turned into a Powerup. Look for it in select spots. Three other powerups have been added, but ... shhhh.
New Foods: Popsicles! *Ready To Go*
You can now find popsicles in Retro Knight, but you won't find them in Kingdomland. Wait, what?! Bring them back and see if people might enjoy this foreign treat.
A Few New Weapons! *Ready To Go*
A few new weapons are now for sale, but I won't say what yet.
New Orders!
I can add new Orders to Retro Knight even without an App Update, but suffice to say by this point, some new Orders will be added. You may even see these pop up at The Questmaster's Camp before King Kerupt assigns them!
Here are some new features coming soon For Retro Knight v2.0! Due in September 2018.
Bug Fixes!
Again? I hope not.
Level 2 Upgrade! *Major Upgrade*
You will soon be able to upgrade to a Level 2 Knight! Which means ...
The Twilight Forest! *Major Upgrade*
On par with The Mushroom Plains, Twilight Forest is a huge area full of monsters and treasures, and maybe a Relic of General Importance! This 'Legend of Zelda' area will feature familiar monsters, a scary forest, an underground palace, some friendly cave dwellers, and more stuff I'm not going to tell you about.
Canyon Creek Forest! *Major Upgrade*
You will be able to explore Canyon Creek Forest just East of Grumpy Town. You will need the required badges, so keep playing!
Seven New Foods!
Pie, Churros, Bananas, more Beer, and a few other things I forgot about as I write this. These new foods will be added to several shops.
Pets! *Major Upgrade*
What? No way! Yes way. I am working on a way where you can get pets at your house! You must own some land to get a pet, and you can get as many as you want! Current ideas are dogs, cats, goats, bunnies, pandas, and penguins. Your pets can take care of themselves, but if you bring them treats (meat or sticks for dogs, Lucky String of fish for cats, etc.), you might get some prizes! I am also trying to see if it will be possible to take a pet with you on adventures. TBD.
New Hidden Areas!
Did you know there are Hidden Areas on the map? There are five right now, and I will be adding five more!
New Tool: Shovel!
This new item will let you dig for treaures!
Of course there will be a version 3.0, silly.
I'm not sure what it will have yet, but here are some thoughts.
Bug Fixes!
Again? Geez.
Level 3 Upgrade! *Major Upgrade*
You will soon be able to upgrade to a Level 3 Knight! Which means ...
Balloon Bird Bluffs! *Major Upgrade*
Another huge area will be opened up, this one a parody of 1/2 Balloon Fight and 1/2 Joust. Details to follow.
Lava Mines! *Major Upgrade*
The Lava Mines will be open for those who have enough badges.
The Forest of Fear! *Major Upgrade*
The Forest of Fear will be open for those who have enough badges.