Hello, and welcome to a preview of the new Retro Knight website! This website will be focus on two major new developments: the cartoon series properly named The Poorly Animated Series, and the new browser-based RPG The Trials of Daily Monotony. You are here quite early. We don't expect either to be ready for public viewing until September 2022, but please join us in Discord to see all the latest developments!

If you are here for The Relics of General Importance, Click Here.

An early demo for The Trials of Daily Monotony can be found Here.
For those that may not know, the amazing Retro Knight: The Relics of General Importance can no longer be updated with new adventures thanks to Apple and Google's TOS. I (Noah B. Wilson) spent three years building that beast, and now its living on life support. The furthest you can get in the game is to Level 4, and then sadly it just ends. I hope you still enjoy playing it as it was a labor of love, and I hope it can still live on your devices for years to come.

However, I am happy to say that Grudge isn't going away. In fact, I'm going to work hard to make sure he never leaves.

On September 1st 2022, Retro Knight: The Poorly Animated Series and Retro Knight: The Trials of Daily Monotony (aka, Retro Knight 2) debuts. Here. Free*. For all.

Grudge is back for six, 11-minute adventures. Also featuring Brick the Blacksmith, Sally Workload the Secretary, General Jerkface, and more, Grudge is ready to go on all new adventures through a newly remodeled Kingdomland. And that's not all because and he's brought some of his old pals from Anarchy Island like Dr. Kockpocalipse, Johnny Thunderpants, Boozer and Stubs, and more we haven't scripted yet. This cartoon series will feature great parodies of 80s and 90s nostalgia, plus a ton of those retro video games found in Retro Knight: The Relics of General Importance.

In addtion, Retro Knight: The Trails of Daily Monotony will go into production and be an "as close as I can possibly do" remake of "General Importance", only right here on this website in HTML5/Javascript. It will be more of a simulation like Animal Crossing and less of an RPG like Zelda. Your goal will not be to directly beat the game but rather to explore the vast world, oceans, unlock new islands, gather new weapons and armors, and even unlock as swath of new mini games that may or may not be direct parodies of the video games I'm already parodying on the islands themselves? Can Grudge golf? Drive a race car? Shoot ducks? Maybe Grudge will come up with some new things to do apart from smashing up monsters.

So what do I want from you? Nothing but your constant support, and I'm not talking about money. This website will be free to enjoy (with a few purchasing options for those who want extra stuff). Retro Knight has always been a labor of love with no desire to turn it into some money-making scheme, but I also love making bonus features and some other people who are joining me on this trip are worthy of paying. So with that in mind, send me some love back via Twitter or Discord. Tell me you want more Retro Knight, a new series and game which I hope none of those evil companies can screw with.

*I will still sell things like merch and bonus features, but the site/game/toons will still be free to access.
3-15-22 : I've been firing away at a demo. You can try it here!
3-10-22 : Blood splatter has been added! I was worried that it was one of the things we were going to lose in the conversion, but it is back. Yay!
3-1-22 : Site opens to replace the old site. The game is plugged in, but it is nowhere near ready for public viewing. It is 'playable', but still locked up. As much as I want to show people how much it will be like the original, and the improvements and new features, I will wait until May 13th.
3-9-22 : Cartoon will be delayed until September as well. I'm struggling to find the time and decide on the final workflow. Writing has also stalled. Better to get it right that force it out.
3-5-22 : Work has gone into making the Level Editor part of the website.
3-1-22 : About and Cast Members Page goes live!
3-1-22 : The Soundtrack Page goes live!
3-1-22 : Site opens to replace the old site. This month is all about getting the first episode done. 3/6 episodes are written and recorded with draft audio. There will be many decisions to be made on exactly what the animation style is.