Want more gear? As I work towards allowing in-app purchases, here are some things you can buy via paypal and have added to your account within 24 hours. Be sure you have some empty space in your inventory before you buy them, otherwise it's gonna be hard to hook you up!

***PLEASE until I make this all more seemless and actually embedded in the app itself, please include your username with your order. Also this isn't automated, so please give me some time to get you what you paid for.***
1000 Gnit
$0.99 USD
1000 Gnit so you can buy something cool. Get that awesome axe you want so damn bad.
10000 Gnit
$4.99 USD
10000 Gnit to spend on whatever you want. Get a quick boost of cash!
30000 Gnit
$9.99 USD
30000 Gnit! Go on a shopping spree! Buy all the armor and items you want*.

*Not really.
100 Tokens
$4.99 USD
Play Mini games! Hang out with The Questmasters. Go places few knights can go!
Hunter Pack
$2.99 USD
Get Angus McGreggor, 2x Hunting Knives, 250x Red Arrows, 25x Turkey Legs and 50x Beers.
Bat Pack
$2.99 USD
Get a Bat Suit, Sword of Darkness, 250x Saw Blades, and 25x Margaritas.
Hero Pack
$2.99 USD
Get the Hero's Armor, a Royal Sword, 150x Gold Arrows, 25x Red Potions, and 25x Blue Potions.
Mega Pack
$2.99 USD
Get the Mega Armor, 250x Saw Blades, 25x Book of Leaves, and 100x Magic Bombs